When you interact with Summit to Seashore Birding Adventures (‘S2S or ‘Summit to Seashore’) we sometimes receive or collect personal information about you. We take your privacy and data protection very seriously.

We will use your information for a number of purposes including:

  • To contact you. For example, we may contact you to confirm details for a tour.
  • To provide you with services. For example, we may send you a newsletter that you asked for.
  • To customise the way our content is presented to you. For example, to make recommendations for other places you may like to visit based on other tours you have looked at.

Analytics and third party tools

We will keep your information confidential. However, we sometimes use 3rd party services on your behalf. For example, we may give your contact details to a trusted hotel to secure accommodation. We also use 3rd party tools like Googel Analytics to improve your user experience on our website.

Photos and media

When you join us on one of our tours or trips we will be taking lots of photos of birds, habitat and you to help you remember your adventure. When you join us you will be required to sign a photo and media consent form allowing us to take and use the photos. You can opt out of this is you wish. If you wish to contribute your own photos of the tour you may do so and we will credit you unless otherwise agreed.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us to discuss.