Here’s what others have to say about Rich Mooney and Summit to Seashore Birding Adventures

Michael Force – British Columbia, Canada
”Are you looking for skill, experience, knowledge and affability in a bird tour leader? How about composure, an eye for detail, and stamina? If so, then your search ends with Richard Mooney. He knows his birds—and how to find them. I learned this first-hand, having had the immense pleasure of birding with Richard on both sides of the Atlantic. From dry forests and sagebrush benches of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley to the cobble beaches and verdant meadows of southern England, birding with Richard is always memorable. Not only are there amazing views of a wide variety of incredible birds, but a good time and plenty of laughs is always guaranteed. And, after all, isn’t that what birding is all about?”

Jonathan Dudley – Surrey, England UK
”I am a keen photographer who has a love of photographing wildlife. Yet I had no luck at capturing nice images of birds in the wild due to my lack of knowledge and understanding of birds habits and habitats. Rich Mooney at ‘Summit to Seashore’ soon turned this around. His friendly approach at answering questions, of which most birders would see as ‘basic birding knowledge’ is most welcome. A day out with Rich is not only a good learning curve, but incredibly fun at the same time.

Michael Avenell – Sydney, Australia
Richard’s vast knowledge of British birds and their habitats, along with his funny and outgoing nature, provides the birding enthusiast with a highly rewarding and enjoyable field trip. Richard will take you to prime birding habitat, identifying species through sight and call, as we did on our trip to the Norfolk marshes. With Richard’s expertise I was able to get a high species count, including many lifers and rarities. Between habitat locations Richard told me about many international birding adventures, ringing and conservation programs he’s been involved in, which reflects his love for birds and nature in general. I enjoyed a great day at Titchwell and Cley Marshes, and returned home educated and entertained after a fantastic day birding.

Abbi Holland – Surrey, England
I have been lucky enough to of joined Rich Mooney on various birding interactions including a visit to a bird of prey rehabilitation centre in Edmonton, Canada (1994) where he volunteered. More recently (2012) my daughters have benefited from being able to take walking tours with Rich at Petworth Park and RSPB Pulborough Brooks. His articulate and energetic communication skills combined with a natural affinity with children and young adults really makes the experience not only educational but fun and infectious. His knowledge base and expertise in this field is immense and the enthusiasm he exudes for every bird is impressive. We really came away full of self-confidence and raving to go bird watching again. You may even get a lifer!”

Poppy (age 13) – Surrey, England
”Richard’s kind and devoted attitude created a great family friendly atmosphere. I was very
impressed with the amount of detailed knowledge Richard knew about each bird we encountered
and he also, generously, let me use some of his very expensive equipment so I could really see the
birds in detail! I had an extremely professional and wonderful experience and would highly
recommend it to anyone with a love for birds!”

Michael Ashbee – Christchurch, New Zealand
”It was with a warm welcome that I first recall meeting Rich Mooney. Coincidentally I ran into this Brit while birding the ‘Englishman’ River Estuary in Parksville, British Columbia, Canada. Having just moved to the area, I felt fortunate to have met someone as passionate about bird watching as me. Rich’s enthusiasm for the birds in the area and bird watching in general was contagious. After chatting birds and exchanging some laughs, Rich offered to show me around the area a bit. A very generous offer from an excellent birder with a great personality.

I took Rich up on his offer to show me around the area. Several amazing outings and dozens of EPIC birds later I was proud to call this fellow a friend.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I got to experience this man in his true element. Rich had moved back to the UK (where he grew up) and although it was a loss of a birding partner and a friend, I knew our paths would cross again.

In the summer of 2013 I visited with Rich and his wife Lori in the UK. It was great to see them again. Rich had planned a birding tour of the UK, which proved to be the most memorable trip that I have ever experienced. We explored some of England’s finest birding spots and tallied 120 species. Not a bad start for my UK list. Rich’s extensive knowledge and experience of the birds in his home country blew me away.

I can’t wait for our paths to cross again!!!”